26 June 2011


Every spring, I accompany my dad to Lowe's and lend my eyes to find the most aesthetically pleasing group of perennials acceptable for plantation in our front yard. On the outside, I act like (a child) I really loathe going on this trip EVERY SINGLE year, but I'd be quite offended if I wasn't invited.

And every year I dig out the dead flowers, pull out the weeds, "till" the best way I know how, try to ignore the worms coming up from the ground, and plant the new flowers. Then, I overload with Miracle-Gro because my society has taught me that I should not wait for anything! (ha. ha.)

It's been three months, and now I'm up early on a Sunday morning with my curtains drawn and sunlight pouring into my room. Luckily, I have the best view of our front yard.

In the stillness,
before the television turns on,
before my dad starts making his tea,
before our dog Lucy realizes that she's hungry again,
before cars starts racing past our street,
before I have to open my door and let people know that I'm awake,
I am enjoying the scene that is before me. My flowers are in bloom and continue to grow (thank you Miracle-Gro). And so do I (thank you God).

Find the time to enjoy the quiet and reflect upon your own growth.
And he said,"Peace! Be still!" 

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