26 June 2011


As I sit on my bed and look around I can see books sitting everywhere; one on my dresser, 3 on my night stand, and another one right next to me. All these books have been opened, read, pages are marked with an occasional pencil scribble in the margin. These books really want to be finished, I'm sure. They want to be read cover to cover and then put in my bookcase where the rest of their friends are. I hope to get to all of them...eventually. 

My mind is so open to learning whatever the literature has to teach me. Whether it's a news article, non-fiction, or the latest Sophie Kinsella, a piece of the book is engraved in my brain.  

But the novel that is my life... oh, it does not compare to any Jennifer Weiner or even Jhumpa Lahiri. I am absolutely dependent on God's grace and provision. I must ask Him for bread daily and in result, I am the most blessed and broken I have ever been. 

This is one lesson from my book I don't want to forget. In fact, I don't mind if God leaves my book open on this page for a while. 

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