07 June 2011

Repost: First night of summer

My friend Caroline, posted this yesterday and it's just too good, so I wanted to share:
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First Night of Summer

It’s summer.


I jumped into a May-mester two days after graduation so tonight is my first Waco summer night. I’m sitting outside common grounds and an inkling of boredom is almost creeping up, but then the feeling gets me so excited about the possibilities that summer will bring. Such a freeing feeling.


We haven’t set up internet at our house, which has been one of the best things to happen. It’s amazing how productive you are when your browser isn’t taunting you with cool blogs and other pointless diversions. Having no internet has pulled me out of the house and thus I’ve spent hours here in front of Common Grounds. During the summer it’s so quiet and calm and tonight there’s the perfect breeze (um, here in Texas a breeze is a gift from God).

However, without internet I have tons of built up ah-HA moments that are welling up inside. My Maymester class covered the gospels of Luke & John, and the class came at such a pivotal transition in my world.

To be gut honest, the 3 weeks of the class were some of the hardest weeks I’ve had in a while. Within days most of my closest friends left Waco for… forever amidst a massive move and renovation of a “boy house” and all while still trying to do well at work. Plus, Clayton was gone (that was a kicker *wink*).

The class- like none other- kept me glued to the Word. Several hours a night I spent wrestling with parables with some of the most pointed and devotional homework questions. I treasure the notes I have written down. Our professor guided the class through discovering the text for ourselves with an aim to see it applied to the church. Somehow my other classes haven’t quite made that leap– the leap that calls for action.

Repeatedly through the class I was reminded that it’s not Baylor that makes me me. It’s not friends. It’s not Clayton. It’s not even learning. I exist to know & worship my Creator. I quickly learned that the hours of homework can be daunting, OR it can be a priceless time of an entire morning dedicated to the Book I claim to live by and desire to understand.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to dive into the notes I have in my notebook next to the massive stars that signal my ah-HA moments. First on the dock is Zechariah in Luke 1. That’s me. I see myself in the story for the first time.

Happy Summer friends. Dwell on your ah-HA moments. There are layers of lessons.

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