05 June 2011

My Mother

I did something mean today. My friend asked me what my mom's personality was like and I said she didn't have one. 


It was more for comedic relief, but still. I've now told myself that dedicating a post to her would somehow cancel out the act. Bear with me. 

My mother is...
funny. Blonde funny. 
hard-working. She's worked harder than I ever have/ever will. 
devoted to the Lord. My grandfather put some excellent values in her. 
blindly faithful. 
patient. In fact, it's been almost 23 years and she hasn't wrung my neck once. 
girly. Pink is her favorite color, roses are her favorite flower, she has A LOT of shoes and is never seen without wearing jewelry.
quiet. She's reserved. Most describe her as innocent, I think she can be pretty sneaky though. 
strong, but not dismissive. You know her love by her ways, her actions. Not by her tears or tantrums. 
Basically, she puts up with a lot with the most grace.

She's not perfect but she's a great example of a loving mother.  

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