28 June 2011

It's simple: hard work pays off.

Though I'm new to the "real" working world, I've already learned and reaped the rewards of a couple important lessons.
1. Actions speak louder than words.
2. Do the right things the right way and people notice.

Now, I'm sure things don't always work out this way. I'm sure that I will not always get the appreciation deserved for every little thing done. But right now, I'm going to immerse myself in this overly justified feeling!

To the newly employed and those aspiring: You want to move up? You want more responsibility? Show your boss that you can do the little things first. Show them that you believe in teamwork but you're also capable on your own. Be honest but don't complain. And be flexible! Take things as they come. Be a problem solver! Don't just solve your own problems but take a bit of your time to help your co-workers out, too. They'll love you for it.
I'm talking to you, my fellow Generation Y-ers. Put your google skills to the test. We have been bred for finding the answers to questions no one else can find.

Most of all, BE GENUINE. Don't look for a gold sticker. Be humble and just do the work you know you're good at. The commendation (promotion or raise) will come soon enough.

Sideblog: My passion is writing. I could write all the day long. God knows this and eventhough I've been worried that I would not be able to live out this dream in my career, it looks like things may work out after all. This reminds me of what I heard in a recent Matt Chandler sermon: Imagine yourself turning on the television to watch an hour long show. Now, imagine only watching a minute of it and then God watching the rest. Now, imagine arguing with God about what happened in the show.

We know who's going to win this one. And I just got the reminder I needed.

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