27 June 2011

Married...with Children

Have you ever seen this show? This is one area where I can learn from my parents' "mistakes." My brother and I always had our own TV, our own TV room and taught ourselves how to change the channel all by our little toddler selves. Even with basic cable, I was still able to do some damage.
My after-school schedule went like this:
The Simpsons
Married...with Children
Nash Bridges

And I can hum all of the theme songs for you, too.
Yes, a corrupted kid I was. Lesson: Do not give your child their own television! Especially in their own room. Tsk, tsk.  But I digress.

I'm actually talking about my parents. Today is the 26th anniversary of my parents' marriage. YAY! I've seen their marriage evolve and mature over the years and I'd say their relationship is the best its ever been. I've learned a lot just by watching them.

With college ending, I have more friends getting married and somehow, I'm attracting more and more married friends (am I there already!?). Listening to their stories and experiences, I gotta admit...I'm freakin' scared.

It seems very hard. So why do people do it? (Yes, I do still do things eventhough they might be difficult...theme of my life.) I'd do it for the companionship, the happiness...there is happiness involved right? BLAH. I need to read a book on this...

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