06 June 2011

Things I don't want to forget: Missouri Roadtrip 2011

Singing Zac Brown Band's Chicken Fried as we crossed into OK
The peach stands every 10 miles...and never getting Josh to stop at them.
Playing the alphabet game in the middle of nowhere.
Cow poker?
The Oklahoma city names that you wonder if Okies can even pronounce.
Being the wrong kind of Indian in Indian nation. 
Going to McDonalds and exposing all the customers there to diversity. 
59 cent drinks at QT. 
Seeing hills for the first time in a VERY long time. 
Caroline's Christian goalpost instead of the bird. 
Big Indian/Tall chief (picture coming soon) 
Giggling under glow in the dark stars while the boys blockaded us in.
Causing fires at our table at the wedding.

Missouri roadtrip 2011=BEST


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